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When Is It Time To Change Your Gym?

When Is It Time To Change Your Gym?

It’s not good reason to change your gym simply because a newer or trendier one opened up, but there are several reasons why you should be thinking of changing your gym. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may think about alternatives to your present gym: Are the instructors of the […]

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Guilty Of Bingeing? You May Be Addicted

A new study has shown that it may not just be greed and being weak willed that causes us to binge on junk food or high calorie food; it could actually be because we are addicted! An addiction that may be as habit forming as nicotine and cocaine, the study said! The study was conducted […]

Digestive Enzymes For Your Fitness And Body Building Goals

Digestive Enzymes For Your Fitness And Body Building Goals

Bodybuilders, fitness models, or really just anyone who has specific fitness and bodybuilding goals may have given a thought or two to the supplements that will help them achieve their targets. While muscle building supplements such as whey and other protein supplements, multi vitamins, isolates, Creatine etc. are the ones that are usually considered, an […]

Easy Exercises To Reduce Your Waistline

Easy Exercises To Reduce Your Waistline

Having a very big waistline can be embarrassing. You will also find it hard to look for the right size of jeans, trousers, and even dresses. If you think your waistline causes you to lose your self-confidence, you should consider reducing your waistline. The best way to have a trimmer waistline is by doing the […]

Don't Miss Out These Home Exercise Equipment

Don’t Miss Out These Home Exercise Equipment

The need to take care of one’s body has been highlighted over the past years. Studies proved that harmful ailments are caused by poor health and lack of regular exercise. In order to protect themselves, more and more people are trying their best to stay fit and healthy. One way to do this is by […]

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Why Healthy Eating Practices Won’t Work In The US According To David Letterman?

‘Naked chef’ Jamie Oliver maybe trying to make America eat healthier but David Letterman is doing nothing to help, because apparently the talk show legend thinks that Americans are beyond redemption. In a caustic indictment of American food habits on his show, The Late Show Letterman went on to rubbish Oliver’s attempts in his inimitable […]

Are You Making These 3 Common Fitness Mistakes?

Are You Making These 3 Common Fitness Mistakes?

On our quest to attain good health and a fit body, we strive and work hard and do all that the fitness experts and the health gurus tell us to. We follow religiously the edicts that the experts pass and expect that results will follow. However, sometimes we make certain mistakes, or are guilty of […]


Zumba And A Little Fun Fitness

If you are the sort that cannot imagine working the treadmill assiduously or cannot abide the idea of pumping iron, you do have your fitness options curtailed a lot, but not completely it must be said. You still have a few fun options that will help to achieve some fitness goals and in a fun […]

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Fitness Mantras You Would Do Well To Remember – Part 2

Here are some more fitness mantras that one would do well to heed: It is possible to Speed up the metabolism: There are foods and certain beverages that can actually help to speed up the metabolism; noteworthy among them being certain spices (like peppers) and certain herbal teas. Water, Water, Water: Water can help you […]

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5 Things That The Infomercials Don’t Tell You

The many, long winded infomercials that we are shown on TV that advertise exercise equipment promise you the earth: rock hard abs, instant six packs, buns of steel, big arms, thin thighs, you name it! Also they tell you that you can have all this with a minimum of effort. What they don’t tell you […]