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Food Industry Defends Salt Use, Calls It “Pretty Amazing Compound”

Food Industry Defends Salt Use, Calls It “Pretty Amazing Compound”

In an aggressive comeback by food manufacturers on the subject of the use of salt, the many and varied benefits of salt have been extolled. There is no doubt that excess salt in processed foods has had a detrimental effect on the nation’s health and fitness and nutritionists are telling us we should be cutting […]

Workouts For The Time Challenged

Workouts For The Time Challenged

Are you one of those people whose excuse for not working out is that you just don’t have the time? Although some of us use being busy as an excuse, it may well be that some of us do simply not have the time for working out. In those crammed, overscheduled 24 hours in a […]

Hotel Workout Tips - Don't Let Travel Interrupt Your Fitness Regime (Part 2)

Hotel Workout Tips – Don’t Let Travel Interrupt Your Fitness Regime (Part 2)

You can use hotel furniture and other odds and ends to fashion an effective workout for when you are out of town and in some cases use nothing more than the weight of your own body to give yourself an effective workout: If into weights, one can use a couple of bottles or bottled water […]

Simple Exercises For Women's Fitness

Simple Exercises For Women’s Fitness

Women are very conscious about their health especially with the way they look in the outside. In order to maintain women’s fitness and overall wellness, they go on a strict diet, exercise regularly, and provide themselves with enough rest and relaxation. Women are exposed to so many activities especially now that modern society calls for […]

Strength Training Without Weights

Strength Training Without Weights

Most of us who are into fitness in any small way have probably realized over the years that strength training is where it’s all at. It protects against disease, builds lean muscle and is really able to keep weight off. It improves bone strength, joint health and balance and flexibility as well. However, for a […]

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Anti Aging Supplements Best Taken During Middle Age, Says Study

If you are planning to halt the march of time with some anti aging supplements, start while you are still middle aged; don’t wait until your 60s, a new study has suggested. The study was conducted upon rats at the University of Florida’s Institute on aging, which found that older rats did not receive as […]

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10 Ways To Lose 100 Calories

Here are 10 easy ways to lose 100 Calories: Walk a Mile. For Each mile you walk you burn 100 calories. The faster you walk (or run) the faster you burn off the calories. Use an exercise ball rather than an office chair and burn an extra 50 calorie per hour just sitting there! 15 […]

The Feldenkrais Method - Fitness For The Body And Mind

The Feldenkrais Method – Fitness For The Body And Mind

Moshé Feldenkrais was a physicist, engineer and Judo master who memorably said, “What I am after is more flexible minds, not just more flexible bodies”. In his quest to start walking normally, Feldenkrais developed a system to integrate the mind and the body to achieve fitness, and physical as well as mental ability. He believed […]

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Healthy, Tasty And Affordable – The Health Magazine Guide

One of the excuses trotted out for not eating healthy is that it is not affordable or that one does not have the time to make elaborate healthy meals. However, according to it is still possible to buy convenience foods that they call the “healthiest, tastiest and most affordable edibles.”Here is a sample: Lean […]

What Are The Exercises That Could Help Prevent Hernia?

What Are The Exercises That Could Help Prevent Hernia?

There are various different kinds of hernia, which could be debilitating and disrupting of a normal healthy life. However, making sure that our fitness levels are high and that the body is as strong and flexible as you are able to make it can go a long way to actually decrease your chances of getting […]