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Army Revises Training To Deal With Low Fitness Of Recruits

It has been a concern for a while now that rising obesity levels in the US has meant that a requisite number of applicants who are fit enough to apply for positions in the military are not available. And now this problem of unfit and overweight recruits is being addressed by the army, with the […]

The Best Stamina And Endurance Workouts

The Best Stamina And Endurance Workouts

Increasing stamina is important not only for athletes who want to perform better and for longer durations; it is also as important for the average individual, since it will help build overall fitness, improve immunity, strengthen the body and help to fight tiredness. Working on building stamina and endurance becomes even more important as we […]

hypermobile or double jointed

Hypermobile Or Double Jointed? Go Easy On The Exercise

Take your thumb and stretch it back to try and touch your wrist. If you are able to accomplish this easily and painlessly, then you are probably hyper-mobile or double jointed. Hyper mobility or double jointedness is actually nothing but higher levels of elasticity among the muscles, ligaments and tendons that surround a given joint. […]

proper diet and exercise

5 Incredible Benefits Of Proper Diet And Exercise

Proper diet and exercise always go together. Inseparable as they are, their benefits can be maximized if both are practiced together. Why is it important to eat a proper diet and exercise regularly? Can one exist without the other? Here are some incredible benefits that you can get from having these two activities incorporated in […]

yoga to keep in shape

Kim Kardashian On Her Yoga Fitness Routine

An increasing number of celebrities are catching on to Yoga and are realizing the many benefits for health, fitness and wellness that can come from Yoga. In turn they are able to inspire others to adopt Yoga as part of their lives. Among the recent celebs to swear by Yoga is Kim Kardashian, who is […]

The Benefits Of Cycling/Rotating Your Exercise Routines

The Benefits Of Cycling/Rotating Your Exercise Routines

Many fitness trainers and experts advise that exercise routines be cycled or rotated appropriately and for the best benefits. This means that you keep changing or tweaking your exercise routine in a way that gives optimum benefits. Here are some of the main benefits of cycling or rotating your exercise routines: Helps train the different […]

Fitness Supplements To Avoid And Why You Should Avoid Them

Fitness Supplements To Avoid And Why You Should Avoid Them

It is always wise to have complete information about any fitness supplement that you plan to use since there can be questions about their safety and efficacy. Researchers from The Consumer Report recently narrowed it down to 12 supplements that one should be avoiding and the reasons why these supplements should be avoided: Aconite This […]

lower muskuloskeletal pain

Exercise To Lower Musculoskeletal Pain

While very acute exercise will cause muscular pain, a new study has found that long term exercise will actually help lower muscular pain. According to a study carried out at the Middleton Memorial Hospital in Madison, Wis. and the University of Wisconsin, researchers examined veterans of the Gulf War to test their hypothesis. As many […]

nutritional foods to eat

How to Give Your Children Healthy Foods To Eat?

In this generation where most foods are ordered, taken out and pre-packed, can we say that we are giving our children healthy foods to eat? Are you not alarmed at the increasing rate of obesity among children in the United States? Healthy eating among our school children should be on top of our priorities. Giving […]

over exercising

Are You Overdoing Your Fitness Regime?

It is possible to overdo a fitness routine, and there is a line between thin and fit that should ideally not be crossed. Over exercising can have negative repercussions. Over exercising can mean inadequate rest and recuperation, which can sometimes result in serious health issues because – It can deplete the body of energy and […]