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fall fitness

10 Reenergizing Tips For Fall

With fall being upon us, grab the opportunity for fun fall fitness, with these tips – 1. Munch on mixed nuts because they are a source to healthy fats that are good for the heart, brain and the skin. 2. Start a team activity or get involved in a competitive sport to improve the body’s […]

tummy toning exercises

The Different Benefits Of Tummy Toning Exercises

Many people thought that doing crunches is the best way to get rid of a fat belly and so do I. What is more surprising is that it is not even an exercise that you can perform to get a six pack abs but just one of the tummy toning exercises. They are effective in […]

fish oil supplements

Fish Oil Supplements And Their Use For Body Building And Fitness

Fish oil supplements are supposed to be excellent for health, from helping your brain function more efficiently to guarding against cancer and heart disease. Not only that, fish oil supplements, owing to their high Omega 3 fatty acid content are also something that fitness enthusiasts and serious body builders swear by. Simply put, fish oil, […]

gym culture

Gyms Not For The French

We have spoken before about the French Paradox and how surprisingly, the levels of obesity among the French people are lowest in the developed world. And what is also surprising is how averse to the gym culture the French are. Going to the Gym is still seen as something of a niche activity rather than […]

childhood obesity

Parents Don’t See Their Kids As Fat, Say Doctors

It isn’t just that kids today are eating too much and are not active enough, the problem of childhood obesity goes deeper than that according to doctors – it is parents who are unable to see that their kids are overweight that is the problem say pediatricians. A Canadian survey examined more than 860 pediatricians […]

tips to get fit

Tips To Get Fit As A Family

There really is a lot to be said for getting fit as a family. For one it means that you are working together towards a better quality of life that has fewer ailments and illnesses and less time and money spent on health care. Getting into a fitness program together means that the family is […]

eat veggies

Americans Just Don’t Eat Enough Veggies

It isn’t just parents who warn their kids to eat their veggies, government agencies and manufactures are all trying their best to get Americans to eat their vegetables, but to no avail. This article speaks about the many innovative ways devised to make Americans eat more veggies, but each to no avail – while the […]

healthy eating

CNN And Foursquare’s Healthy Eating Initiative

Starting this Sunday September 26, CNN is launching a healthy eating initiative called Eatocracy: Mind, Body and Wallet, which will promote healthy eating. In conjunction with Foursquare, CNN will check in at the local farmers markets to reward people for healthy eating. There are over 6000 farmers’ market locations in the United States and you […]

children’s daily nutritional requirements

Knowing Your Children’s Daily Nutritional Requirements

Knowing your children’s daily nutritional requirements is just as important as remembering their birthdays. Fast foods and quick meals have become essential in today’s busy lifestyles. Sadly, these kinds of foods do not provide our kids with the vitamins and minerals their bodies need. Of course, having these on their lunchboxes and tables are convenient […]

outdoor workout

The Time Is Right For Outdoor Workouts

Summer temperatures and high humidity levels are now past and the cool fall air is upon us now. There is no better time to head off to the great outdoors for a workout. Before the cold and snow etc make it difficult to do so, head to your nearest park or any nearby outdoor space […]