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recumbent bike

Top 7 Reasons For Getting A Recumbent Bike

Have you ever seen an odd-looking bike before? Especially one where you really sit down and pedal with your feet out front? In fact, it is the only bike that allows the rider to relax and comfortably sit on its mesh seat. Such bike is known by its name, recumbent bike. Many people would rather […]

mma workout

The Main Components Of An MMA Workout

The ideal MMA workout is tailored to offer maximum gains in terms of endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility and agility to the fighter. In addition to this, an ideal MMA workout should also be able to train a person to become tough mentally, since mental toughness and mental endurance can be powerful weapons against a fighting […]

food porn

Drug May Help Combat ‘Food Porn’

It is a strange sounding term: food Porn, but you know what we mean – you’ve just had a satisfying and filling meal, but then you see the image of a gooey and enticing dessert and you’re hungry again! So is it possible to control our response to this food porn, which triggers urges in […]

fitness buddy

The Importance Of Having A Fitness Buddy

If you have ever had a fitness or workout buddy or partner, then you know how they can keep you motivated and interested and even experts share this view that fitness buddies can make a workout easier to stick to and harder to miss. Fitness loves company – whether you need company for that first […]

meditation for beginners

Meditation For Beginners: A Step By Step Guide

Meditation for beginners is for if one has never meditated before. Chances are that one feels either intimidated by the entire process, thinking it’s too difficult or is dismissive of it, as being new age mumbo jumbo. However meditation can have innumerable benefits for the mind as well as the physical body, and even if […]

fitness program

Fitness – Different Strokes For Different Folks

How hard should you exercise, is a question with no simple answer or one that is applicable to all. This is the reason that an exercise routine that appears strenuous enough for one person seems to have negligible or no impact on another. This is just what Fitness Together, a Minneapolis based fitness franchise, aims […]

soy beans

What Is Best For Muscle Building? Whey Protein Or Soy?

The article raises this question concerning muscle building supplements and which is best – soy or whey protein, and comes down on the side of whey or milk based proteins. Years of experimental research have now clearly indicated that there is a slight advantage that milk proteins have over soy. So does this mean that […]

stomach toning exercises

Fight Flabby Belly After Pregnancy With Stomach Toning Exercises For Women

Have you ever wondered why women who just gave birth still looked like they are pregnant? Actually, it takes time for a mother to recover from her puffy belly. You see, a pregnant woman’s belly is likened to a balloon that doesn’t automatically pop during childbirth. There are different hormonal changes that will take place […]

yoga mat

Basic Yoga Equipment To Help With Your Workout

One of the best things about Yoga is that it really does not need any kind of equipment; your own body is the only yoga equipment you need. It is your own body that is used in the ‘asanas’ or poses, stretches and breathing exercises. So what yoga equipment do you really need if any? […]

drinking water with meals

Drinking Water with Meals – Good or Bad for You?

There is one view that says drinking water with meals aid digestion, while another says that it hinders digestion. So what is the real truth about drinking water with meals – is it good for you or bad for you? For digestion, food has to be broken down and for this it has to be […]