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obesity risk

Alcoholics at Risk of Obesity, Find Researchers

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that being addicted to alcohol can increase one’s risk of obesity. It has been noted by researchers in recent times that those who have a family history of alcoholism were more likely to be obese than others who did not have that […]

fitness strategy

Fitness Strategies – Worth It or Not? (Part 2)

We looked at some fitness strategies in part 1 of this post; which fitness strategies are really worth it and which are not? 1. Cooling down – worth it. Again it may be tempting to skip this, but this is important to do for a number of reasons – it helps you transition from exercise […]

fitness strategies

Fitness Strategies – Worth It or Not? (Part 1)

There are a number of fitness strategies that have become part for the course, that promise you good health, a great body and host of other benefits, but are these fitness strategies really worth it? 1. Home gym – Not worth it. Working out at your local gym, or YMCA can be a better idea […]

stomach abdominal exercises

Top 4 Best Abdominal Exercises

It can be very embarrassing to have a bulging tummy and it limits your wardrobe of choice. Summer is totally a bummer because it can be so horrifying being seen in a two piece with layers of fats on your tummy. Not only that, a big belly can be a cause of a serious disease […]

personal fitness training courses

Personal Fitness Training Programs

The courses you take in educational institutions can make or unmake you as a person. A good educational background serves as your ultimate weapon once you start applying for jobs or plan to have your own business. Personal fitness training programs are very in demand today since they are required in almost every profession from […]

soda taxes

Soda Tax May Not Cut Obesity Rates; Stopping Sugar and Corn Subsidies May!

There has been a lot of argument back and forth, about the efficacy of the tax on sugary drinks as a way to curb rising obesity levels – while on the one hand people think that if unhealthy sugary drinks are more expensive, people will have less of them, which will have a positive impact […]

recommended body building

Recommended Body Building Supplements For A Firmer You

Did you know that body building alone cannot give you desired body shape and strength? Thanks to body building supplements which actually function to increase the overall effectiveness of the standard workout. The market is flooded with all these recommended body building supplements, but do you know which one works best for you? Here are […]


Walk Your Way to Fitness

The holidays usually precede the best intentions in the form of New Year resolutions, with overindulgence coming before the resolve to lose weight. Following this could be a gym membership and perhaps even more guilt as it goes unused. So rather than the guilt and a (possibly) useless membership, walk your way to fitness! Not […]

strength training workouts for women

Strength Training Workouts For Women

Have you ever wondered why women are getting the hang of strength training workouts? What was once thought of as a pure man’s world has made women drooling all over. Perhaps it’s the benefits that these workouts have that are making it more popular each day. Probably, on the other side of it, just simply […]

holistic nutrition supplements

Beware of Holistic Nutrition Supplements

While pesticides and excess fluoride can be very detrimental as pointed out by the holistic nutritionists, the solution that they offer for this is supplements, which, significantly are often sold by the holistic nutritionists themselves. James S Fell, fitness trainer writing for the LA Times, points out that a lot of people he works with […]