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morning exercise routine

Plan a Morning Exercise Routine and Stick to It

Morning time is definitely the best time of the day for a busy person’s workout. All you need to do is make proper planning of your exercise routine and stick to it. Here are a few useful tips that will help you in planning your morning exercise routine: Turn back the clock: Before beginning your […]

obesity problem

Why do we Overeat? Exploring the Cause of Obesity

One of the reasons why so many of us are overweight and even obese is, quite simply, that we eat too much. But why do we overeat? This is a question that BBC science presenter Michael Mosley attempts to answer by looking at the science behind our satisfaction of pleasure seeking urges. Pleasure may have […]

russian fitness

What Is the Russian Fitness Method?

The former USSR was a formidable entity when it came to sporting prowess, and for the longest time it seemed as though the Russians would brook no resistance when it came to medals and awards. Even today, the Russians are a sporting nation with an enviable record of producing winning athletes. The stress placed on […]

aetna walkstation

The Workstation Treadmill – Helping You Combine Work and Fitness

All those out there who excused themselves from physical activity and fitness routine on the basis that you didn’t have the time, this is for you – a concept that is designed to bring wellness into the workplace. The Details Workstation is a workstation combined with a treadmill. So now you have the option of […]

trampoline fitness

Trampoline Fitness – A Hot New Trend

It is something that we would associate with kids playing, but there is a new fitness trend on the horizon, which is high intensity but at the same time low impact, and this is Trampoline Fitness. Jumping on a trampoline may look like a lot of fun, which it is, but this is also a […]

junkyyard workout

The Junkyard Workout to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Jon Denoris, Kinetica fitness ambassador and personal trainer to the stars, has formulated a new fitness regime; this new but at the same time traditional workout program is being called the Junkyard workout and actually uses junkyard items like ropes, discarded tires, sandbags and so on. This new kind of workout aims to do away […]

true weight

What Is Your ‘True Weight’?

If you were asked the question – Are you of normal weight, are you underweight, overweight or obese, do you think you could answer accurately? Chances are you would be incorrect in your answer. Not only do people often underestimate their weight and think they are of normal weight when they are overweight, but the […]

arm workouts for women

Effective Arm Workouts For Women

Gone are the days when women have to confine themselves inside the comforts of their homes. Inasmuch as women of today have become more liberated, they have already embraced things which were known only to men, bodybuilding among others. Just as men can have stronger and muscled arms, women can make theirs just as stronger […]


Probiotic Yoghurts to Help You Lose Weight

Food scientists have developed friendly bacteria that can be added to yoghurt, which can help one lose excess body fat, according to recent reports. Bacteria occurs naturally in live yoghurts as well as the human gut, and now researchers are saying that it is possible to modify the bacteria in a way that it produces […]

celeb diets

The Lowdown On Some Popular Celeb Diets – Part 2

The sight of slim, attractive celebrities with perfect figures, skin and bodies often seduce us into trying new and attractive sounding diets that are endorsed by them. Yet, how effective are they? Look at some more of these popular celebrity endorsed diets – The 30 % Fat Diet promoted by Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross. […]