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core exercises for backpain

Try Out Core Exercises for Back Pain

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, back pain affects 80% of Americans at some time in their life. Back pain is obviously a major problem in America. Chronic back pain can interfere with your daily activities and adversely affect the quality of your life. Your back muscles support the weight of […]

Fitness Tips While Traveling

6 Fitness Tips to Follow While Traveling

If on the whole you make the effort to eat healthy and have an effective exercise regime, you are likely to be concerned that any travel plans will derail this process. So here are some tips that will help you continue with your fitness programs even when you travel. 1. Do some homework before you […]

Milon Fitness Training Circuit

What to Know About Milon Fitness Training Circuit?

This is considered to be cutting-edge technology for fitness buffs and gym rats. Some of the higher end fitness studios now offer the Milon Circuit training fitness program, which promises to offer an entire body workout in just 17.5 minutes. Depending upon whether the requirement is enhancement of strength and endurance, weight loss, physiotherapy or […]

Fitness Myths

Fitness Myths the Industry Would Prefer to Perpetuate

The fitness industry has a vested interest in nurturing some of the misconceptions that we have about fitness. It is in their interest that we believe these myths and continue to buy products that promise the earth but deliver little. Some of the most common fitness myths perpetuated by the fitness and weight-loss industry are: […]

cross training workouts

The Importance of Cross Training Workouts

Many athletes incorporate cross training into their daily workout routines. Cross training is simply a way to add variety to your training program. There are numerous ways to cross train and each exercise has its own specific benefit. Benefits of Cross Training Workouts Reduce Injury When you vary your fitness routine through cross training, your […]

Silver Yoga

Silver Yoga – Fitness Mantra for Seniors

As one reaches the twilight years, maintaining good health and fitness can be a challenge. With age the body loses its sense of balance and flexibility making it difficult for people to follow most fitness routines. Silver yoga has been designed specifically to suit the needs of the older generations. It is aimed at the […]

HCG Diet

The HCG Diet – Is It Worth the Risk?

Among the many fad diets that periodically do the rounds is the HCG diet, and like all fad diets it works beautifully for some people but can, at the same time, be dangerous. In this diet, the hCG hormone is injected into the dieter who then eats only 500 calories each day, for 40 days […]


Fitness Helps in Speeding Up the Metabolism

You do not eat more than your friends and even more you diet when they don’t. Still there is a huge difference between your weight and theirs which you cannot explain. The one to blame for it is your metabolism. Since the metabolism is responsible for the way your body burns energy the target of […]

interval training workouts

Lose Weight with Interval Training Workouts

Interval training can be a key ingredient to help you lose weight. Interval training works both the aerobic and anaerobic system. An aerobic workout consists of any activity that increases the heart rate. This movement can usually be sustained anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. An anaerobic workout increases the heart rate significantly and […]

Ways to Burn Calories

6 Ways to Burn 150 Calories

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean having a gym subscription. When it comes to losing weight any type of movement matters and there are many ways to shake off some calories. Any type of physical activity can help you lose some kilograms and burn some calories but the efficiency differs from one to the other. Here […]