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Shoulder Damages

Ways to Avoid Shoulder Injuries While Training

Most upper body exercises utilize the muscles, joints and tendons of your shoulders in some fashion. Sports that require overhead motion, such as swimming, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and tennis will also put physical demands on your shoulders. Unfortunately for many people, this results in overuse injuries to muscles and joints of the shoulder. Structure of […]

treadmill equipment

Treadmill Equipment – Things to Consider

Treadmill equipment is possibly the most popular kind of gym equipment with most commercial gyms as well as home gyms incorporating this most basic of fitness machines. If many manufacturers report increases in the sale of treadmill equipment this is because treadmills facilitate the most basic of exercises – walking, jogging and running, for which […]

Varicose Veins

Avoiding and Treating Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are most commonly seen in the legs and ankles. They are large, twisted veins that can be seen near the surface of the skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, varicose veins occur when the vein walls are weakened and stretched. In this condition, the varicose veins can no longer move blood back up […]

Hula Hoop Exercise

Get Fit With a Hula Hoop

Many people often give up on their exercise programs because of boredom. Exercise doesn’t always have to be a chore. According to a Harvard Medical School study, only 18% of Americans meet the weekly recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity. This lack of exercise can increase your odds for heart disease, diabetes, and […]

Arc Trainer

Benefits of the Arc Trainer

Cardiovascular exercise is crucial to the overall health of your body. After all, our bodies are designed to move. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity 5 days a week. There are several benefits associated with a consistent cardio program: Weight loss Strong heart and prevention of heart […]

Hard Gainer Training Routine

Hard Gainer Training Routine

You’ve seen them in the gym. The guys, no matter how hard they train, just can’t pack on any muscle. They spend hours lifting weights and they don’t seem to gain any strength or muscle mass. For a prospective weight lifter that spends long hours in the gym, this can often be quite frustrating. Do […]

Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone Helping Fitness

HGH or humane growth hormone is naturally produced by the body in sufficient quantities till the age of 21. The production starts to drop after this and by the time a person is 80, the production of HGH falls down by 80-90%. This is the master hormone that is responsible for the growth of the […]

Braganza Routine

Braganza Routine for Sexy Arms

This will sound like great news to all those who are trying to get into shape. The arms and the shoulder region tend to carry less fat than the other body regions. Thus they will shape and tone faster than the other areas of your body. All you need is a pair of 3-8 pound […]

Compound Exercises

9 Tips on How to Get Stronger

What do you need to do to get stronger? The answer to this question can be found in a carefully planned program. Getting stronger involves proper nutrition, strength training, supplementation, and a variety of resources that can be specifically designed to meet that goal. The foundation of a strength training program is resistance training. The […]

Check Your Fitness

How Fit ARE you REALLY? Here’s How to Check

Whether you are starting out on a new fitness program or you want to check how well an existing program is working for you, checking your fitness levels can be a good idea, and here is how you can go about it. Check your flexibility Flexibility is an important determinant of fitness – try and […]