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Anti Aging Foods

The Best Anti Aging Foods for the Fitness Lovers

Remaining young has more to do with nutrition than you might think. There are some kinds of food which are said to have a major impact on our lives and they are called anti aging foods. Generally speaking if you would like to preserve your youth as long as possible, you should keep the calorie […]

Measuring Body Fat

6 Different Ways of Measuring Body Fat

One of the key indicators to a person’s fitness level is the amount of body fat in the body. A healthy body equates to less overall body fat, but how is body fat measured and what are healthy levels? The American College of Sports Medicine defines body fat composition as the measurement of fat to […]


Total Body Workout Routines – A Sample for a Week’s Work

There are many benefits of total body workout routines – they help to work out all the muscles of the body, energizing and strengthening them, they improve stamina and endurance, they give an attractive toned shape to the entire body and help improve body balance and flexibility. While it is true that different total body […]

Runners Knee Pain

Overcoming Runner’s Knee Pain

Runner’s knee is a nagging condition that affects many athletes. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or skier, at one time or another you may have experienced this common problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, knee pain can affect people of all ages and can be a result of several possible injuries. Runner’s knee pain isn’t […]

Speed Workouts

Speed Workouts – More than Running, So Much More than Fitness

It is just great to be working out and there are numerous different workouts that all have different benefits. If you would like to increase the performance of your body, you might want to throw in some speed workouts. Also you should remember while you are training to focus on both speed and endurance. Although […]

High AltitudeTraining

Is the High Altitude Training the Right Way to Test Your Limits?

Why is high altitude training different from any other kind of training? The difference is that at high altitudes there is much less oxygen in air. This isn’t threatening or a cause of worry for those who aren’t working out, but is somewhat challenging for the athletes. Usually these trainings focus on endurance and competition. […]

Crossfit Training

The Crossfit Training and Practicing It at an Older Age

What is crossfit training really? It is a kind of exercise that is usually done in gyms and many of these places take pride that they have a really large community that has joined their programs of crossfit exercises starting from 7 year olds to 70 year olds. The interesting thing about the exercises is […]

MMA Equipment

What Kind of MMA Equipment Do I Need?

If you have decided that MMA training is something you would be interested in for getting into shape, then you are going to need some MMA equipment to get you started. It’s dangerous to start rolling with people without knowing what you’re doing, but it’s even more dangerous to do that without the proper equipment. […]


Rickets – Victorian Myth or Modern Reality?

The bone disease of rickets (bone softening in children that leads to deformity and fractures) is something that we associate with Victorian times or malnourished populations in underdeveloped nations. This is a condition that arises due to a deficiency of Vitamin D and can also occur in adults; a bone disorder called Osteomalacia. Stunted growth, knock knees or bowed […]

Parkour Moves

Parkour Moves or the Free Style Revolution of Working Out

The parkour moves seem to have revolutionized the way workout has been seen until now. Some say that it is a way of freestyle running, but there are many different moves that make this type of freestyle running a lot more fun and more effective when it comes to getting in shape. The palm spin […]