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Drinking Right

Drinking Right – Proper Hydration to Help Lose Weight

There is a lot of emphasis that the media seem to place on what we eat and the healthy diet; telling up to cut down on this and concentrate on that. This is all very well but we need to be equally vigilant about what we drink. This is something that we may not pay […]

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston: The Mind and Body Workout Does Wonders

Jennifer Aniston is one of the celebrities that have been through a lot, and it looks like she has a secret that she doesn’t mind sharing with the rest of the world. It looks like she found a workout for her body and mind that changed her life. Yoga In order to maintain her calm […]


Where to Find a Bodybuilding Training Program

Following a bodybuilding training program can have a great impact on an individual’s life in many different ways, and there are many different programs out there to choose from. Where you find your training program is really up to you, but the best places to start are usually the Internet or a local gym. Hiring […]

Celeb Fitness Tips

Celeb Fitness Tips You Can Use

Celebs look the way that they do not just due to great genes (though they help considerably) but also because of some hard work and effective advice from fitness and nutrition experts. Knowing about celeb fitness secrets can help add something to one’s own fitness regime and also inspire us. Lady GaGa’s Fitness Secrets Lady […]

Vegetables & Physical Activity

Vegetables & Physical Activity – The Ultimate Way to Fitness (Infographic)

Incorporating physical activity in your daily lifestyle is the best way to stay fit in the long run. Add to this the regular intake of fruits and vegetables, and you are on your way to perfect health, happiness and well being. Which vegetable provides what nutrients? And which physical activity is more beneficial in which disease? The following infographic attempts […]

Core Exercises For Men

The Top Core Exercises for Men

For many men out and about in the world today, core exercises are a main component of their workout routine. Anyone who wants to have some nice abs to show off will need to know some great core exercises for men because the ab workouts are used as the basis for most quality workout routines. […]

Importance of Physical Fitness

The Underestimated Importance of Physical Fitness

In today’s society, it seems like the importance of physical fitness has been almost completely forgotten. These days, kids play video games all day instead of running around outside, and most successful workers find themselves in offices rather than out in the real world. With the world closing in on our homes more and more, […]

Bikram Yoga and the Celebrities Practicing It

Bikram Yoga and the Celebrities Practicing It

Although a lot of celebrities rely on needles and diets to keep their youthful look, there are some others who prefer the natural approach, such as Bikram Yoga. In case you would like to look as good as they do, you should also give this activity a thought. 1. Ashton Kutcher He stated that he […]

40 Facts About Fitness

40 Facts About Fitness (Infographic)

There are so many interesting things in the world. But did you know that there are many interesting things in our body as well? Here are some of the interesting facts about human body and health that you probably never knew. Knowing these should give you yet another reason to love your body and take care of […]

Motivation for Exercise

10 Steps for Sustaining Motivation for Exercise

We’ve all been there before. You start out on an exercise program with the best intentions, and then soon after find it near impossible to even put on your workout clothes. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people begin fitness routines and then stop when they don’t see results quickly […]