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Unusual Workouts that Celebrities Use

6 Unusual Workouts that Celebrities Use

Although it looks like celebrities can have everything easily, we have to keep in mind that they also have to work for their body shape. In some cases they use everyday workouts, but there are also some workouts that the regular people have never heard about before. 1. Technogym Some of the celebrities, such as […]

Get Rid of Belly Fat

The Right Way to Get Rid of Belly Fat

– Facts, info and advice to beat the belly fat Don’t struggle blindly with belly fat anymore. Get educated on where stubborn abdominal fat comes from and what fitness routines you should use to get rid of it. Here are 10 helpful tips to get rid of belly fat: 1. Why belly fat is different If […]


Lactic Acid in Muscles and What it Means

People often use lactic acid in muscles as the main cause of muscle soreness; however, these claims have no basis in fact and are actually completely wrong. Lactic acid is not what causes muscle soreness, and anyone who tells you otherwise does not know what they are talking about. The reason you feel sore the […]

How to Relieve Your Hip Muscle Pain

How to Relieve Your Hip Muscle Pain

Hip muscle pain can be caused by many different things, and it is sometimes hard to narrow it down to one basic cause. When you first start to feel the pain, you need to start thinking about some possible causes of the pain before you jump to any conclusions. It would be hard to figure […]

Piloxing Workout

Piloxing Workout – The New Celebrity Favorite

Piloxing is actually a combination of Pilates and boxing and it has been developed by a former body builder originating from Sweden. The workout routine makes it possible for women to be feeling sexy and strong in the same time. Some of the people, who tried it, such as Judy Kirkwood, say that it is […]

Why Do I Suffer from Muscle and Joint Pain

Why Do I Suffer from Muscle and Joint Pain?

There are a number of different reasons as to why someone could be suffering from muscle and joint pain, but there is usually only one solid solution that can really help. People tend to lose the motivation to exercise as they get older, and this is one of the main reasons as to why muscle […]

City Marathons and How they can Form a Subculture of Fitness

City Marathons and How they can Form a Subculture of Fitness

Scarcely do we stop speaking of one city marathon or half marathon than the preparation for the next one seems to start. The New York marathon that initially started in 1970 has a long and illustrious history with other American cities such as Boston, New York, Kansas, Oklahoma, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles among […]

P90X Yoga X

Top 10 Extreme Yoga Videos that Combine Strength and Flexibility with Cardio

– Unbelievable cardio yoga workouts you’ll love to do Never thought you could get a cardio workout from yoga? Think again! These extreme yoga videos will help you get the best cardio yoga routine of your life. 1. P90X Yoga X P90X is an extreme 90-day workout regime that puts you through your paces, and one of the cornerstones of […]

Sore Back Muscles

What is the Main Cause of Sore Back Muscles?

Sore back muscles are a huge problem for many people as they get older, and it’s important to start looking for preventative measures to guard against these problems at any early. Anyone who is suffering from sore muscles knows that there is nothing great about waking up in pain every day of the week, but what can be done […]

Bear Grylls fitness secret

Bear Grylls – The Wild Man Has a Fitness Secret

In case you are a fan of Discovery Channel’s shows, it is almost impossible that you have never seen the show ‘Man vs. Wild’. This is a survival show in which the star, Bear Grylls is dropped in the middle of nothing with the goal of building a shelter and finding food. He has to be a true survivor. […]