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Foods and Life Habits That Will Improve Your Sexual Performance

Sexual performance isn’t a given thing. The truth is that you can improve it or make it worse by the things that you do. It is important to know that your habits and the things that you eat have a direct effect on your performance. Blackberry toast This is a kind of food that you […]

Beach body & Les Mills Create 2 Group Fitness Inspired Home Workouts

Group fitness classes are attended by millions of people each week in countries around the globe. One of the most recognized names in group fitness is Les Mills. Simply say the class name BODY PUMP and somebody somewhere will say they’ve tried it or at least heard of it. For every one person who’s tried Les Mills […]

Pelvic Floor Training

Pelvic Floor Training – Top Exercises to Increase Male Performance in Bed

It is the goal of all men to have a good performance in bed. This way both he and his partner would receive more pleasure. The good news is that there are some exercises you could perform to improve your performance. Swiss ball pressup According to physics, the longer you can support our own weight, […]

Kristen’s Fitness Plan To Win Rob Back

Kristen’s Fitness Plan To Win Rob Back

Here is a new take on the Kristen-Robert reunion. This time around it is the fitness angle to the affair. Well, this not what we are saying. Kristen Stewart has confessed to it herself. One of her secrets to winning back Robert’s love was by following a strict fitness regime throughout the break up. Gym […]

How to Get the Avenger Body

How to Get the Avenger Body

If you have seen the movie ‘Avengers’, for sure you have seen that it looks like all the actors have perfect bodies. The good news is that you can also have the perfect body in just 6 weeks with a workout routine and a diet plan. Get stronger, grow muscle and lean up The main […]

Weekend Workout

Weekend Workout or How to Get in Shape Fast

There are some workouts that you have to practice only during the weekend but that will tone all your muscles in only two days. These are the exercises that Heidi Klum uses. Sleeker Saturday workout At the beginning you will have to do 90 secs of cardio. Then stand on your feet, having a dumbbell […]

Nutrition And Health Facts For Everyone

Nutrition And Health Facts For Everyone

Nutrition and health are related to each other because it is believed that what we eat is what we become and it is true. Here are a few nutrition and health facts that go a long way in making smart choices for a healthy living. Nutrition and obesity Obesity has become an epidemic and our […]

List Of Healthy Foods With Protein

Top 10 List Of Healthy Foods With Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. They are important for both growth and maintenance of the body. Here is a list of healthy foods with protein in them. 1.Cheese Though all types of cheese contain protein, Parmesan cheese tops the list with the maximum protein density of 41.6 g for a serving of […]