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Medical Negligence – What You Need To Know

Medical negligence, or medical malpractice as it may be known, is where a patient has been caused undue suffering by a medical professional who has performed their duties below a reasonable and accepted level of care. Its occurrence is still thankfully quite rare, but where negligence is apparent the consequences are naturally devastating. When we visit a medical professional we’re entrusting […]

Most Dangerous Gym Machines

Most Dangerous Gym Machines (Infographic)

There are various types of machines in gymnasium that can prove to be dangerous and the details of the same is provided in the following infographic. The behind the neck shoulder machine can cause impingement as it puts too much stress on the shoulder joint. The rotary torso machine if done in an inefficient manner can lead to the torque […]

4 Things to do if you are Exposed to Asbestos

Asbestos is a silent killer. Tiny airborne microfibers enter the human body through the lungs and collect in the fine membrane that surrounds the lungs. Once the asbestos particles collect in this part of the body they can travel towards the heart. The particles can also collect in the mouth and be ingested in the […]

5 Types of Weight Loss Surgery

With the growing problem of obesity in the UK, many Brits are turning to ever more drastic measures to try and get the weight off. The NHS reports that gastric bypass surgery has soared by 530% in just 6 years, costing the NHS lb85 million per year, while many more procedures are completed privately. Unfortunately, with the […]

Best Eco-Friendly Gym Gear

Setting up a home gym is a great step towards fitness. Health, fitness and eco-friendly gear, all go together. When you are trying to set up an eco-friendly gym getting the right gear is also important. Eco-friendly gym gear is not just good for the Earth but also your household. Here are some home gym equipments that have been […]