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women face in addiction recovery

Gender Matters — Addressing the Unique Issues Women Face in Addiction Recovery

In the United States, 2.7 million women abuse substances and 40 percent of alcoholics are women. When it comes to addiction, women face very different challengesfrom their male counterparts. Of the challenges women face in addiction recovery, fear of stigma and losing their families ranks high. It can be more difficult for women to seek […]

What You Need to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

If you have been thinking about going to a yoga class for some time now, it is time to take the plunge and get involved. There is bound to be a yoga class and teacher for you, regardless of your current state of fitness. This can be said as there are special classes offered in […]

Maximize Your Treadmill Workout

Maximize Your Treadmill Workout

The true joggers are usually against the treadmill. However, there are some situations when this is the only option that they have and in cases like these people have to make sure that they make the best of what they are offered. Preparations Although you might think that there’s not much you need for using the treadmill, you have […]

V-sit Hold

Best Core Exercises for Men

Besides plain pushups and crunches men these days are looking for more effective core exercises that will help them to have a tonner and fitter body. These exercises are specifically designed to offer you immense muscle power that will aid you to achieve your much awaited six pack abs in no time. Many fitness experts recommend that instead of going for quantity it […]

Low Calorie Diet Side Effects

Low Calorie Diet Side Effects

Healthy diet with regular exercise is the best way to stay mentally and physically fit. As obesity is widely spreading all across the globe and people suffering from obesity are tying every possible way to get rid of the extra weight. We can find numerous low calorie diet plans that claim to bring us a quick weight loss in very […]

summer body workout

The Summer Body Workout

As summer approaches, it’s not uncommon to view that bikini or pair of swim trunks with a little bit of dread. Even if you don’t plan to strut along Bondi Beach, you can still achieve a fit, healthy and toned body that gets you through the fun outdoor activities of summer. Diet will certainly play […]