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Improve Will Power With Meditation

Top 3 Ways to Improve Will Power With Meditation

Meditation is known to have multiple benefits not only for the mind but also for your health. Meditation is a process of quieting of one’s mind and concentrating all thoughts to a single point or focus. Meditation is a powerful way of controlling your thoughts and this teaches self-control. Beginners often find meditation tough as […]

macrobiotic diet

10 Things to Know About Macrobiotic Diet

What is Macrobiotic Diet? A macrobiotic diet is a kind of a diet which involves eating of whole grains as staple food. In this type of a dietary regime, one has to avoid eating of refined or highly processed foods. In this type of a diet, people generally supplement vegetables, beans and brown rice as […]

aftermath of alcohol abuse

The Aftermath of Alcohol Abuse

The latest figures suggest that an astounding 23.5 million persons have either a drug or alcohol related substance disorder, according to the annual survey released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Medical research has more than confirmed the physiological effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the body. Yet millions of […]

Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

Top 10 Benefits of Exercising in the Morning

Nobody can deny the fact that exercising is a very positive activity, one which has several health impacts and innumerable benefits for the human body. But the fact that morning time is the best time to exercise is also undeniable. To lose weight or to remain fit, the first thing that one must do after […]

Avoid Cramps During Running

How to Avoid Cramps During Running

Running is not only a great form of exercise but is also a fun activity which a lot of people around the world do on a regular basis. But one of the most uncomfortable ailments that one can face while running is cramps. Cramps interrupt the exercise and can also lead to some form of […]

Muscular Neck

Wish to Get a Firmer, Muscular Neck? Find Out How!

A lot of people spend hours in the gym, toning their muscles, building abs, getting better shoulders but most forget that neck training is equally important and if done correctly, can lead to a muscular neck. Many people have never even heard of neck training, making it one of the most neglected training groups of […]

Tips To Make the Most of Working Outdoors

Tips To Make the Most of Working Outdoors

The warm spring weather is perfect to get your fitness exercises outside and make the most out of the great outdoors. This will be great for your daily routine and will add a fresh wind of change into the already boring indoor exercises. Back to the Park Before cold weather had settled in, the local […]

ankle support1

Prevent Ankle Injury by Adopting Ankle Braces During Rigorous Physical Activity

Are you someone who is into rigorous running or any other form of physical activity or exercise that puts a lot of pressure on the ankles or the knees? In such a scenario, you must be familiar to the term ‘ankle braces’. Ankle braces are a kind of a support for the ankles using which […]

Adho Mukha Svanasana

For Gorgeous Toned Arms, Try These Yoga Poses This Summer

It is a known fact that Yoga can work wonders for your body, for your skin and even for the mind. Yoga calms your spirit and brings peace to your mind, but one other thing that it does is that it helps you to get wonderfully toned arms. There are many types of yoga poses […]

6 Tips to Improve Your Running Speed

6 Tips to Improve Your Running Speed

Jogging is the new rage and everyone tries to get fit and toned by running those 5K daily or twice a day. As boredom takes over after a few runs, many try to run longer, but in fact, you should try to run faster. Calories are burned faster by a faster running rhythm, not by […]