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benefits of skipping

10 Wonderful Benefits of Skipping or Jumping Rope

Skipping is one of the most effective health exercises in the world and is great for all the body parts. There is a reason why parents encourage their kids to take up skipping and a reason why most athletes and sportspersons take up skipping for warming up. Let’s look at the 10 most wonderful benefits […]

Fitness Plan of Cameron Diaz

The Super Amazing Fitness Plan of Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is surely the hottest female actress in Hollywood. As much as her acting abilities, she is known for wonderfully toned body and superb fitness routine. Many people die to get a body like that of Cameron Diaz and for this, it is really important to know and follow her fitness plan. The following […]

ways to burn calories through exercises

Know How Calorie Intake and Exercise is Related

There is a strong relationship between the number of calories one intakes and the exercises he does to eliminate the calories. If you happen to consume more calories than you desire, you can always burn those calories by exercising or engaging yourself in a physical workout session. There are many exercises which work particularly help […]

Aqua Zumba and its benefits

What is Aqua Zumba and How to Get Best Benefit From It

What is Aqua Zumba? Zumba Fitness lets the participants work on their fitness based on dance moves on Latin and international music. The exercise entails a high impact workout that involves a routine of dance exercise moves on cue from an instructor. When this type of exercise in done in water like in a pool […]

Hybrid Exercises

Hybrid Exercises- Fat loss and Muscle build up at the same time

The pattern of exercises in most gyms is the same. Traditional way of thinking is that muscle build up cannot be done when you are trying to lose fat, as fat loss will also result in loss of muscle. This means that cardiovascular exercises are considered as unable to be coupled with muscle training or […]

Facts About Isometric And Isotonic Exercises

Some Wonderful Facts about Isometric and Isotonic Exercises

Isometric exercises are those types of exercises which are meant to train and strengthen your muscles. These exercises are those in which the length of the muscles and the joint angle are not changed during contraction. All exercises which are included in Isometrics are done in a static position. Isotonic exercises on the other hand […]

Amazing Running Surfaces

10 of the Most Amazing Running Surfaces in the World

It is true that humans can run on almost any kind of surface with a good amount of training and two legs to support them. But not all surfaces are equally formed or created and hence might not support running that much. A good running surface is one which has a certain less stressed impact […]

How to Exercise With Your Pet

How to Exercise With Your Pet

Your pet can be your best workout partner if you know how to train with it and what kinds of exercises you must perform. Infact, exercising with pets is not only great for you but also great for your pet. It is a fact that nearly 35% of pets are overweight because they do not […]

weight loss products

Fighting Obesity with Weight Loss Products

Obesity has almost reached a state of epidemic in the United States and is being cited as one of the major health concerns that the country is suffering with. Slowly and steadily, people are becoming conscious about what they are eating and how the food that they eat, affects them, weight-wise. There are a lot […]

4 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Getting Rid of Flabby Arms

4 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Getting Rid of Flabby Arms

Flabby arms are a problem for many people, especially women. Every women wants slim, well- toned and good looking arms so that they can flaunt them in the dresses of their choice and do not need to hide them by wearing long-sleeved clothes. There are many ways to get slim and well- toned arms and […]