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ways to improve bench press

Workout Smartly to Improve Your Bench Press Tech Today!

Bench press is an upper body exercise designed to work on the pectoralis major muscle as well as its supporting muscles. It is extensively used in weight training, bodybuilding and in working on chest. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your back, take up a weight to chest level and raise it […]

yoga for breast reduction

Shaping Men’s Breast in 3 Simple Steps

In today’s era, both men and women have equally become conscious about their body and looks; any embarrassing or undesirable body issue can and should be treated with immediate attention. Some men develop fatty deposits in the chest region that looks like sagging breasts and are commonly known as man breasts, or “moobs.” This condition […]

Choose the Right Kind of Kettlebell

How to Choose the Right Kind of Kettlebell

Any fitness freak will be able to explain to you what a kettle bell is. Unlike what the scene was some years back when people did not even know what the correct name for the exercise gear was. Yes the kettle bell is a piece of exercise gear that is used for strengthening of muscles […]


4 Everyday Things That Will Make You Healthier

When you want to get healthier, what is the first thing you do? If you’re like most of us, you start reading a bunch of articles and putting together a budget for things like gym memberships, workout equipment to keep at home, and replacing your current pantry contents with super healthy (and super expensive) diet […]

sports massage

Why You Should Take Time For Massage

Massage is essentially the science of touch. Known to have a pivotal role in child development, touch has been found to produce endorphins which are linked to feelings of love, comfort, and relaxation. This is no different in adults. The sensations have proven beneficial for those suffering from various psychological and physiological ailments, many of […]

Use of KBands in resistance training

What is the Use of KBands in resistance training?

The use of resistance to increase the strength of particular groups of muscles has been the focal point of many gym activities lately. The strengthening of the core muscles like the glutes and quads as well as the hamstrings help you to lose weight faster as well as increase your agility and strength. It also […]

way out of diabetes

Eat Your Way Out of Diabetes

A proper diet can be the difference not just between life and death for some people, but the difference between enjoying your life and being miserable. Did you know that one out of every three people in the US alone suffers from diabetes? Some of these people don’t even know they have the illness. Others […]

Ways to Stay Energized

Top 5 Ways to Stay Energized from Morning to Night

Even the best of task oriented workers feel fatigue by the end of the day. There are ample vitamin supplements, energy boosting exercises, diet charts and energy drinks to assist you – but few know the right applications and the rest don’t even find time for them.   To clear out this messy life and […]

Flexitarian Diet

Go Fat to Fab With Flexitarian Diet

Recently the great buzz about weight has given rise to several strategies about diet. Everyone yearns to follow a diet that gives them the perfect body to flaunt and fit into their favorite dresses. So girls, why don’t you go for flexitarian diet and see the magical results within few weeks? If you break the […]

Exercising Postures at office

Exercising Postures While Working Hours

To combat the undesirable effects of the 9-5 routine which most often extends, it’s essential to exercise. Applying a little creativity you can exploit your workspace to the platform of exercise which can be done secretly. Exercising while you are working will increase your level of concentration which will certainly lead you to be more […]