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Three Technologies That Help You Sleep Better

In a world where we spend obscene amounts of money on crazy diet crazes and products like “energy” drinks and “power bars”, the importance of getting a good night’s sleep is often grossly overlooked when it comes to energizing your life. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that more than […]

laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga & its Benefits

Laughter yoga which is also addressed as Hasyayoga, involves prolonged intended laughter. It is believed that laughter yoga can provide you physiological as well as psychological benefits. This yoga has to be done in groups staying in contact with participant’s eyes which will assist you to transform your forced laughter into spontaneous laughter. Indian physician […]


Simple and Easy ways to Add Vitamin E to your Diet

Vitamin E comes under the roof of 8 fat-soluble vitamins which prevents oxidative stress to your body. Adequate quantity of vitamin E can protect you against heart disease; age related eye damage and cancer whereas excess of vitamin E in your body can lead to extreme bleeding or hemorrhaging. According to current research vitamin E […]

third eye meditation

Points To Consider During Third Eye Meditation?

Third eye can be referred as a mystical and esoteric concept which can provide you perception beyond ordinary prospect. Spiritual traditions like Hinduism treat third eye as chakra whereas Theosophy treats it as pineal gland. Third eye symbolizes according to new age spirituality, a state of enlightenment which will have psychological significance. Hence it can […]

foot fatigue

Simple Methods to Fight Foot Fatigue

Foot Fatigue is a very common trouble and usually occurs due to standing or walking for long period of time. Foot muscles get tired which causes pain and you may even begin to limp. Foot fatigue depends on various factors starting from your age to the time you spend on your feet. Foot fatigue symptoms […]

reduce gluten in diet

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Gluten in Diet

Gluten can be referred as protein found in the seeds of the wheat. It helps to nourish plant embryos at the period of germination and later enhances the elasticity of dough which increases the chewiness of baked wheat products. Gluten is also found in other cereals like barley, rye and different crossbreeds. You must be […]

arm blaster

Arm Blaster- A Must Equipment for Rippling Biceps

Arm blaster is exercise equipment used by gym trainers which facilitates in isolating the biceps during arm-curls. It is a harness that has to be worn on the upper part of the body as it helps to lock the arms in correct position, thus, preventing you to perform the exercise without having proper posture. It […]

adjustable sit up machines

Top 8 Equipment for Perfect Abs Workout

Machines cannot guarantee you a flat stomach, which can be only achieved through a proper exercise regimen and a balanced diet plan. However, they could definitely add resistance to your workout and increase traction to help you get in shape. Of course, the fun element in working with equipment also cannot be ruled out. So, […]

standing abs exercises

5 Best Standing Abs Exercises

Exercising your ab muscles while standing is better than doing so on the floor as it engages more muscle and helps tone up entire torso. A regular workout to tone up your muscles in the ab is recommended four times per week. Ideally you should exercise your abs after your regular cardio and strength exercises. […]

avoid heat stress while exercising

How to Avoid Heat Stress While Exercising

When you sweat while exercising, the sweat evaporates and keeps the body heat regulated. Heat stress occurs when the body fails to cool itself by sweating due to many reasons. These reasons could include humidity in the environment that prevents the sweat from evaporating or dehydrated body that does not allow sweat to come out […]