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yoga mistakes

7 Common Yoga Mistakes you are Probably making

Yoga is a time immemorial form of physical exercise that aids in maintaining a perfect body mind balance. It is a more preferred option when it comes to workouts as compared to any other forms of workout as if done properly; Yoga is very effective and does not have any adverse effects. It is very […]

benefits and sources of vitamin K

The many Benefits and Sources of Vitamin K

Vitamin K, as we all know is a fat soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in clotting and coagulation of blood. It is very important for your health and some of the benefits offered by vitamin K include: A key benefit of vitamin K is that helps in the clotting of blood by regulating […]

obstacles to meditation

6 Common Obstacles to Meditation

Meditation has many benefits and it is something that does not keeps you well physically but also looks after your entire well being and keeps your healthy from within. It affects not only the body but also the mind and the spirit and it is something that each and every individual should try. Meditation is […]

shoes for flat feet

Tips to Buy Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Fallen arch or flat feet is a common anatomical defect and is characterized by the entire sole of the foot touching the ground i.e. the ‘normal’ curve that we generally see is not present. It is quite normal to have flat feet. Flat feet is common in toddlers and as they grow up the arches […]

bodymedia core2

Top 8 must have Fitness Gadgets

Fitness is one of the most heard words in today’s world and people from all genres, irrespective of age, gender and profession are looking for every possible means to remain fit and healthy. If you have not yet thought about this – this article will provide information on some of the fitness gadgets to aid […]

tips to purchase exercise equipment

5 Tips to Purchase Exercise Equipment

Buying home exercise equipments can be a good alternative instead of spending money on the gym centers or on daily trips to reach these gymming zones. Before planning to buy exercise equipments for your home you need to prepare mentally that you will be able to involve yourself daily to the exercise session and then […]


Your Hair Is Hungry: How Changing Your Diet Can Improve Your Hair

You are what you eat: you’ve heard it over and over again; so many times that it almost loses meaning. However, this old adage is an important one for anyone who is hoping to look and feel better. Your lifestyle directly impacts how you look and how healthy you are, and nothing is more important […]

effects of fitness on mental attributes

Positive Effects of Fitness on Mental Attributes

Most of the populace are aware about the positive effects of exercise on health, whereas another aspect of exercise is always been neglected that is the effect of exercise on mental health. The antidepressant properties of exercise have been demonstrated several years ago by the researchers. Research also shows that exercise has great impact to […]

keep your heart healthy

Exercise Well to keep your Heart Healthy

A sedentary lifestyle can led you to the adverse effects of heart diseases. To be fortunate, you can incline to the regular exercise routine for your heart health. Incorporation of exercise to your daily agenda would not mean that you have to become an athlete. Regular work out especially aerobic exercises will be very advantageous […]

nutrition for obese children

Diet and Nutrition for Obese Children

Obesity among children and youth is increasing immensely, which is being considered by the modern scientists and doctors as a health problem that needs immediate attention. Though parents and adults are highly concerned about their children’s health, then why is obesity a problem primarily in well to do and well educated households? The answer will […]