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prevent injury during Yoga

Tips to Prevent Injury During Yoga

Physical activities that aim to increase your body fitness and keep you healthy will always have a certain amount of risk concerning bodily injury involved to those who practice it. Yoga is no less. Although the level of risk involved in yoga is far lesser than other aggressive sporting fitness regime, it is still an […]

anti aging vitamins and supplements

Top 5 Anti-Aging Vitamins And Supplements

Ageing is a natural phenomenon and yes it is unpleasant. There are different factors that result to ageing other than the natural ageing of our cells at different ages. To prevent the body from showing signs of ageing, today there are several anti-ageing products available in the market. Before going for these products one should […]

guided meditation Vs unguided meditation

Guided Meditation Vs Unguided Meditation

Want a break from your regular hectic life? Looking for a relaxing regime suitable both for your body and mind? Get yourself ready for meditation. It helps you get in touch with your inner most natural self and help you clean the old and used board of thoughts making room for clearer thoughts and ideas. […]

pedometer watches for fitness regime

Use of Pedometer Watches for Fitness Regime

Physical fitness is the essential and primary way to keep healthy and strong. Due to the limitation of time in our regular day to day life, we are actively seeking novel exercise routines that can be easily embedded in our schedule. The use of a pedometer is a convenient way of doing so for many, […]

skipping rope

Learn How to Buy Fitness Equipment for Kids

We are talking about kids and their fitness and that is quite different from the fitness ideas we have about adults. The main reason behind this difference is the age and therefore the sustainability and strength. Growing kids are at that tender juncture where their muscles are developing and they are gathering strength. Thus it […]

reasons for hiring a personal trainer

Reasons For Hiring a Personal Trainer

Reasons for Hiring a Personal Trainer We all aspire to look good with a great body and to achieve that end we sign up at a good gymnasium and work out. But in most cases you do not consult a trainer and start using the gymnasium equipment on your own. It is no surprise that […]

glute bridge march

Most Effective 5 Abdominal Flattening Exercises

All of us want to look like the air brushed models with flawless skin, silky hair and firmly toned body. But none of them come by sitting in front of the TV or reading about them in magazines. The best way to get a well toned body is to exercise and eat right. But even […]

motivate self to meet diet and nutritional goals

How to Motivate Self to Meet Diet and Nutritional Goals

Maintaining your diet plan would be much harder rather than creating a diet plan. To stick to your diet plan, you need to be focused as well as motivated. Hence to maintain diet routine you have to stay on track, need to make your diet plan as fun as possible and avoid temptation. Instead of […]

fitness mantras that celebrities swear by

Fitness Mantras that Celebrities Swear By

To be in the glamorous world, the celebrities need to be look picture perfect at all time. Hence they have to involve themselves into a strict fitness routine to stay glamorous. Starving is not the way out to maintain their figure whereas very person has to go through a proper diet as well their fitness […]

bodybuilding supplements myths and facts

Bodybuilding Supplements – Myths and Facts

The body building supplements have gained immense popularity amongst most of the people, though in the recent scenario some sections also have various misconceptions regarding the effects as well as the usage of bodybuilding supplements. Differentiating the truth and the myth in this context can be little difficult as many most of the opinions are […]