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choose the right equipment for your home gym

How to Choose the Right Equipment for your Home Gym

With our ever pressing day to day lifestyle attending the gym becomes a problem to most of us. However, there is an easier alternative to gym or a health club. Home gym – although setting it up can be an ordeal and may be of a pocket pinch. Even if you have the resources and […]

meditation aids prison inmates towards rehabilitation

Meditation Aids Prison Inmates Towards Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating prisoners in a meditation camp is an age old practice all over the world. Apart from just prisoners of war, regular law breakers in society also need to have a purpose that could motivate them to be a better person. Meditation theories also create a barrier between the prisoners and their possible psychiatric disorder […]

proper equipment for fitness regime

Why and How to Buy the Proper Equipment for Fitness Regime

Getting involved in a fitness regime is a growing trend these days. From dietary programs to visiting the gym regularly is a must for all of us today not just to look great but also to be fit and healthy. We know that a well-rounded exercise routine can help us add years to our lives. […]

a beginners guide to supplements

A Beginners Guide to Supplements

Lots of people around the world now use bodybuilding supplements to enhance their sporting performance and to improve their physique. There are a plethora of products to choose from, and this brief guide covers a few of the most popular. Protein Protein supplements are considered to be essential by many bodybuilders. Protein contains amino acids and […]

mistakes to avoid when choosing nutritious diet program

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Nutritious Diet Program

Eating healthy is not just to keep us alive and floating but also to keep us fit and healthy. Hence nutritious diet should and must be a part of our regular dietary program. Many of us do however; have a diet regime that we maintain. But is there someone out there who does not get […]

training for a competition in bodybuilding

Basics of Training for a Competition in Bodybuilding

If you are thinking of participating in a bodybuilding competition and making it through without a glitch, but you are nervous, then don’t worry. It is natural for everyone out there who is has the same goal. Instead stand up straight and start preparing, for procrastinating will not get you there. If the thought of […]