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importance of olive oil for healthy living

The Importance of Olive Oil for Healthy Living

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that olive oil is beneficial for the health and is often listed as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Researchers all around the world are coming up with new benefits of olive oil almost every day and we are only beginning to understand the importance […]

workout apps for everyday fitness

Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Everyday Fitness

While it is completely possible to work towards your fitness goals without the help of any special equipments and tools, a little help from modern technology doesn’t hurt, does it? Latest technological gadgets and ideas have made reaching fitness goals fun and highly engaging. There are many applications available on Smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches which […]

The M Resort

The Best Casinos for a Relaxing Yoga Weekend

With the holidays quickly closing in, many yogis are starting to plan vacations and trips out of town for the whole family, be it for one last getaway before the year ends or an early start next year. Whatever it is, they’re sure to encounter the same problem: finding a place that the whole family […]

build the perfect home gym

How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

Do you ever dream of having your own gym in your house where you can work out whenever you find it convenient? Well having a home gym is like having a 24 hour access to fitness and exercising and is a true blessing in many ways. But just because most of us are not aware […]

reasons you need to take an exercise break

Top Reasons you Need to Take an Exercise Break

Do you ever feel like you need to take a break from the gym but you still keep going, thinking of all the workout sessions you would be missing? Well, guess what, taking a break from exercising every once in a while is infact a good idea! Yes, every few weeks, your body needs to […]

motivate yourself to reach your diet and nutrition goals

How to Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Diet and Nutrition Goals

It is easy to set diet and nutrition goals when one wants to either lose weight, build muscle mass or simply stay fit. But is it really that easy to stick to these goals and go all the way to achieve them? Well, not really. Everyone needs some motivation and inspiration to keep going onto […]