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top diet and nutrition myths busted

The Top Diet and Nutrition Myths Busted

When it comes to diet and nutrition, there are many things we hear often but are totally untrue. People have a lot of misconceptions about proper diet requirements and nutrition needs and due to these misconceptions, they go on eating foods which are not healthy and avoid items that can actually be good for them. […]

motivate yourself to reach your diet and nutrition goals

How to Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Diet and Nutrition Goals

It is easy to set diet and nutrition goals when one wants to either lose weight, build muscle mass or simply stay fit. But is it really that easy to stick to these goals and go all the way to achieve them? Well, not really. Everyone needs some motivation and inspiration to keep going onto […]

dangerous trap of crash diet

6 Tips on How to Avoid Falling into the Dangerous Trap of Crash Diet

Crash diet refers to the practice where an individual consumes food under strict restrictions and follows a diet chart with a goal of losing certain amount of weight. People all around the world take up different sort of dieting practices to lose those extra pounds, but not many of them are careful in knowing that […]

mistakes to avoid when choosing nutritious diet program

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Nutritious Diet Program

Eating healthy is not just to keep us alive and floating but also to keep us fit and healthy. Hence nutritious diet should and must be a part of our regular dietary program. Many of us do however; have a diet regime that we maintain. But is there someone out there who does not get […]

motivate self to meet diet and nutritional goals

How to Motivate Self to Meet Diet and Nutritional Goals

Maintaining your diet plan would be much harder rather than creating a diet plan. To stick to your diet plan, you need to be focused as well as motivated. Hence to maintain diet routine you have to stay on track, need to make your diet plan as fun as possible and avoid temptation. Instead of […]


Your Hair Is Hungry: How Changing Your Diet Can Improve Your Hair

You are what you eat: you’ve heard it over and over again; so many times that it almost loses meaning. However, this old adage is an important one for anyone who is hoping to look and feel better. Your lifestyle directly impacts how you look and how healthy you are, and nothing is more important […]

nutrition for obese children

Diet and Nutrition for Obese Children

Obesity among children and youth is increasing immensely, which is being considered by the modern scientists and doctors as a health problem that needs immediate attention. Though parents and adults are highly concerned about their children’s health, then why is obesity a problem primarily in well to do and well educated households? The answer will […]

south beach diet

Top 3 Benefits To Reap With South Beach Diet

The famous South Beach Diet is created and designed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston M. D along with dietician Marie Almon. Though it was previously designed to help patients relive and reduce the risks of attaining heart diseases, it later became an extremely popular dietary regime for anyone who wishes to reduce their weight. Dr. Arthur […]

way out of diabetes

Eat Your Way Out of Diabetes

A proper diet can be the difference not just between life and death for some people, but the difference between enjoying your life and being miserable. Did you know that one out of every three people in the US alone suffers from diabetes? Some of these people don’t even know they have the illness. Others […]

Flexitarian Diet

Go Fat to Fab With Flexitarian Diet

Recently the great buzz about weight has given rise to several strategies about diet. Everyone yearns to follow a diet that gives them the perfect body to flaunt and fit into their favorite dresses. So girls, why don’t you go for flexitarian diet and see the magical results within few weeks? If you break the […]