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workout apps for everyday fitness

Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Everyday Fitness

While it is completely possible to work towards your fitness goals without the help of any special equipments and tools, a little help from modern technology doesn’t hurt, does it? Latest technological gadgets and ideas have made reaching fitness goals fun and highly engaging. There are many applications available on Smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches which […]

bodymedia core2

Top 8 must have Fitness Gadgets

Fitness is one of the most heard words in today’s world and people from all genres, irrespective of age, gender and profession are looking for every possible means to remain fit and healthy. If you have not yet thought about this – this article will provide information on some of the fitness gadgets to aid […]

arm blaster

Arm Blaster- A Must Equipment for Rippling Biceps

Arm blaster is exercise equipment used by gym trainers which facilitates in isolating the biceps during arm-curls. It is a harness that has to be worn on the upper part of the body as it helps to lock the arms in correct position, thus, preventing you to perform the exercise without having proper posture. It […]

power racks

Best Part about Using Power Racks

Just as the center piece on the cocktail table in your living room describes the character of the room, so does the power rack in a gymnasium. Without a power rack, you can conclude that the gym is not ready for training people who demand high power. This rectangular cube made of steel is the […]

Use of KBands in resistance training

What is the Use of KBands in resistance training?

The use of resistance to increase the strength of particular groups of muscles has been the focal point of many gym activities lately. The strengthening of the core muscles like the glutes and quads as well as the hamstrings help you to lose weight faster as well as increase your agility and strength. It also […]

Facts About Isometric And Isotonic Exercises

Some Wonderful Facts about Isometric and Isotonic Exercises

Isometric exercises are those types of exercises which are meant to train and strengthen your muscles. These exercises are those in which the length of the muscles and the joint angle are not changed during contraction. All exercises which are included in Isometrics are done in a static position. Isotonic exercises on the other hand […]

effective fitness tools

Follow Your New Year Fitness Resolution Post January With These Simple Yet Effective Fitness Tools

Are you among those people who made their fitness goals for the New Year and haven’t been able to keep up with them? Well you surely are not the only one as most people set their New Year resolutions to be fitness related but hardly go by them or complete them as planned. It is […]

Fitness Products and Trends

Top 10 Fitness Products and Trends of 2011

– Different fitness products to help you stay fit and healthy Did you think that all fitness products are same? Take a look at the ones setting the trend for this year: 1. Travel Hoop by Hoopnoitca This is not like any other hula hoop you have seen until now. With the help of the […]

Measuring Body Fat

6 Different Ways of Measuring Body Fat

One of the key indicators to a person’s fitness level is the amount of body fat in the body. A healthy body equates to less overall body fat, but how is body fat measured and what are healthy levels? The American College of Sports Medicine defines body fat composition as the measurement of fat to […]

Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs and Massage Gadgets – Can They Help with Fitness?

We have seen them in most gyms – the sort of contraption with a vibrating belt that you put about the ‘problem’ area of the body; your waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs are supposed to get toned and tightened with the help of this. Also on TV they sell the ‘vibrator belts’ and the ‘sauna belts’ […]