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meditation group

Things to Keep in Mind While Setting up a Meditation Group

A meditation group is a group of people who are interested in doing meditation together in order to leave higher levels of consciousness with each other’s help and support. Those interested in setting up a meditation group must keep certain things in mind in order to make it a success and ensure the fact that […]

meditation aids prison inmates towards rehabilitation

Meditation Aids Prison Inmates Towards Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating prisoners in a meditation camp is an age old practice all over the world. Apart from just prisoners of war, regular law breakers in society also need to have a purpose that could motivate them to be a better person. Meditation theories also create a barrier between the prisoners and their possible psychiatric disorder […]

guided meditation Vs unguided meditation

Guided Meditation Vs Unguided Meditation

Want a break from your regular hectic life? Looking for a relaxing regime suitable both for your body and mind? Get yourself ready for meditation. It helps you get in touch with your inner most natural self and help you clean the old and used board of thoughts making room for clearer thoughts and ideas. […]

obstacles to meditation

6 Common Obstacles to Meditation

Meditation has many benefits and it is something that does not keeps you well physically but also looks after your entire well being and keeps your healthy from within. It affects not only the body but also the mind and the spirit and it is something that each and every individual should try. Meditation is […]

third eye meditation

Points To Consider During Third Eye Meditation?

Third eye can be referred as a mystical and esoteric concept which can provide you perception beyond ordinary prospect. Spiritual traditions like Hinduism treat third eye as chakra whereas Theosophy treats it as pineal gland. Third eye symbolizes according to new age spirituality, a state of enlightenment which will have psychological significance. Hence it can […]

meditating while travelling

Meditating while Travelling

Meditation is the finest way to relax. It keeps you focused and helps in getting good energy as well. Meditation will bring peace and this is also advised for bringing in good health. It helps in maintaining the blood pressure and is also recommended for the diabetic patients. Meditation is not difficult, but requires good […]

Curing Depression With Meditation

Curing Depression With Meditation Techniques

Depression has become a very common psychological condition in masses; lately a medical journal has given a review that only 30 minutes of daily meditation is sure to reduce the symptoms of depression, pain and anxiety. There are many high dose drugs for calming down your nerves but they also carry huge side effects – […]

Effective Meditation Tips

Examination Pressure? Follow These Simple Yet Effective Meditation Tips

A stack of notes, swollen eyes, stuff spread here and there, and a lot of stress! Well everyone has to go through this phase in life called –exams! Many students get stressed and tensed just by the thought of examinations or tests. Exam fear is a result of stress which arises from efforts of scoring […]

Improve Will Power With Meditation

Top 3 Ways to Improve Will Power With Meditation

Meditation is known to have multiple benefits not only for the mind but also for your health. Meditation is a process of quieting of one’s mind and concentrating all thoughts to a single point or focus. Meditation is a powerful way of controlling your thoughts and this teaches self-control. Beginners often find meditation tough as […]

meditation for beginners

Meditation For Beginners: A Step By Step Guide

Meditation for beginners is for if one has never meditated before. Chances are that one feels either intimidated by the entire process, thinking it’s too difficult or is dismissive of it, as being new age mumbo jumbo. However meditation can have innumerable benefits for the mind as well as the physical body, and even if […]